I have been blogging since April 2012, when I set up my first blog (silverbells steps out). This was intended to be a document of the transformation of my garden from an unattractive piece of land into a place of beauty, which would give my daughter and I food as well as a more pleasant environment to relax in.

first courgette grown at home August 2015

On my travels, metaphorically speaking, I came across the concept of permaculture in September 2014 and this changed my world. I now feel I’ve landed. ‘Building resilience’ in the home and in my life as well as in the garden has therefore become my mantra.

bread made for a friend and rocket picked for colleagues August 2015

Having realised there is stuff I want to blog about which goes beyond the scope of my first blog, the resilient home is intended to be a document of thoughts and actions which relate to permaculture outside the garden. Or perhaps I could say in Zones 00 and 0.

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice style blog, Helen…
    a real K.I.S.S. style….
    I often used to tell my clients that cleaner was better…
    but they all wanted whistles and bells…
    which always distracts from the message you are trying to get across.
    I look forward to reading this…

    Just one point… when linking blogs or pictures add:
    target=”_blank” to the link line…
    that makes the new link open in a new tab…
    you need to go into the HTML to do that..
    but it is really simple, honest…
    and there are loads of web tutorials on it.

    What I have got to do now is open a new tab and cut and paste the http: link into a new tab…
    then come back to this one and go back to Silverbells…..


    1. Thanks for the compliment on my new blog 🙂

      I’ve just been trying to work on it tonight to set it up correctly – and of course I’ve realised I need to be on a proper computer as I’m not able to do stuff properly on the phone. Anyway, thanks for your advice. It may take me a while to sort it out as my laptop is a bit temperamental but I will get there, hopefully asap.


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